Your Guide Before the Treatment

Florida Cardiovascular Association is committed to providing quality cardiovascular disease treatment to patients in Titusville, FL and surrounding areas. In order for us to deliver the optimum care you require, we need to obtain your medical information and your consent prior to scheduling your initial appointment.   Completing these forms prior to scheduling an appointment allows us to collect a complete health history, verify your insurance and prepare your records electronically so our physicians can make the best decisions regarding your cardiac care.  This minimizes wait times as each patient’s time to complete these forms varies on their personal health history
You don’t have to worry because we keep your files confidential.  You can deliver the completed documents directly to the office in person, or by mailing them to:  605 N. Washington Ave. Ste. 100 Titusville, Fl  32796, and by faxing them to (321) 383-8111.  Due to privacy and HIPAA we cannot accept forms via email.  We have provided downloadable cardiology patient forms for your convenience or you can request they be mailed to you directly by contacting our office.  Once your completed forms are received by an admission coordinator we will contact you to schedule your appointment.  Please feel free to contact us to verify we have received your forms especially if they are faxed or mailed.  Delivering them in person to the office will expedite obtaining an appointment sooner.